About Us

Jugni, in Hindi, means Female Firefly and symbolizes the spirit of life. It started as a partnership between young entrepeneur Nitesh Chauhan and Rohit Khattar from Himalayan Explorers Club. It is the embodiment of an enduring friendship of two people passionate about travelling. The principles behind the conception of Jugni are to provide a personalized and safe experience for women travellers around the world and to do so while sharing it’s members passion for life and culture.
  • Rohit Khattar
    Rohit Khattar has been passionate for travelling all his life. He spent almost one third of his life in mountains. As the founder of the Himalayan Explorers Club, travel has become a golden page in the books of his life. He’s been organizing treks for over five years during which he has shared unforgettable experiences with more than five thousand explorers.
  • Nitesh Chauhan
    Nitesh Chauhan left a stable and profitable position at Pepsico to follow his dream and start Jugni. He believes that his wit and expertese are more tilted towards adventure and sharing unique experiences. Although born and raised in Delhi, he made the decision early in life to work in different parts of India.