You are A Dream....Waiting to be realized!!
You are A Dream....Waiting to be realized!!
Mar. 28


Ladies & Girls!

Have you ever wondered who you are??

I will tell you what I think I am, and I am sure, out of few words that I am going to write ahead, you would for sure relate to some of them or if I feel lucky- all of them!! You would find some part of yourself imbedded in these words and that may or may not be your super-power but it may definitely make you feel stronger. But I would suggest, after reading the below words if you can relate with any of them-- Make it Your Super-Power!! Coz you can!!....

" She is real, She is logical and mystical.

She believes in kindness and oneness and romance and magic.

She is sensitive, and distant, a warrior and a lover.

She believes in road trips to the stars and dancing with the universe.

She is fearless and gentle, wonderous and brave.

She lives in waterfalls and forests and sunsets and galaxies.

She is the artist, the thinker, the poem, and the Deam,

She is Me!!"

...............Girls! that's my story. But I believe It can be your story too, if only you dare to be yourself....Come out of your closet and decide to have some fun.

If I can inspire you to go out and buy a back-pack today and plan your next trip to feel what i feel, I would be the happiest girl on earth. Coz you never know tomorrow you can inspire another one and then that another one can inspire hundreds of others..... Let that chain reaction start. After all, why should guys have all the fun! ;-)

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Much Love !

- XOXO, 


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See you on the Next Trip!!