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Jugni means a female firefly and symbolizes the spirit of life. The idea to offer best solo trips to women started as a partnership between young entrepreneur Nitesh Chauhan and Rohit Khattar from the Himalayan Explorers Club. The two men behind the company believe that to provide solo trips to females it is not important to fixate on technicalities around itineraries, but to foremost make sure that their groups of solo female travelers have an agreeable time.

Passionate travelers themselves, they also take the requests/inputs of their lady travelers into consideration so as to create optimal and customized solo travel experience for women. Their principle behind the conception of Jugni has been to advance personalized, safe, and best ever travel experiences to solo women travelers around the world. It will be fair to say that Jugni is an embodiment of their enduring friendship.

Here is what Nitesh has to say about solo trips for females:

Jugni is more than a travel company for us, it is our ever-expanding family of passionate solo female travel groups that we look forward to spend time with. Making women’s solo trips their best so far is what we truly live for. The happiness on female faces when they finally complete their first solo trip is dear to us.

In India, personal decision-making related to travel till date remains a collective function of an entire household. We at Jugni want women to reclaim that agency and decide for themselves when they want to embark on the best solo trip of their lifetime and when they want to be a part of a solo female travel group.

To be able to grow as an individual, it is important for women to have solo travel experiences and to go through that process of deciding for one’s own well-being. And this is exactly what our platform endorses. When as a female you can take a solo trip without being answerable to anyone is when you are free, and we are lucky to be witnessing that exhilarating freedom every day, first-hand.

With solo female travel groups, safety is our top priority. You will be accompanied by certified outdoor leaders and our itineraries for women-only solo tours are carefully curated to suit the taste of an adventurous female traveler. Also, for traveling with us, age is truly no bar. You just gotta be young at heart and inclined to explore the best travel destinations for solo women.

So quick, get packing!

Upcoming Trips
    • Phuket & Krabi
    • Pristine beaches
    • Lush green forests
    • Super yum thai food
    • Learn more about the south east asian culture
    • Get ready for the party you have been waiting for
    • Meet new stranger friends
    • Fill your Instagram feed with amazing beach photographs
    • Time to tick Thailand off your list
    6 days trip | 25th Jun - 30th Jun
    Phuket & Krabi
    ` 69,900
    2 Seats left
    • Go for Sun, Sand, and Sea
    • Unearth Your Bliss
    • Engage Your Senses: The Island of a Thousand Temples
    • Learn About the Dynamic Balinese Art and Culture
    • Get Your Coffee Fix
    • See Rice Terraces
    • Eat Pray Love Bali
    6 days trip | 26th Jul - 31st Jul
    Bali & Gili Island (With Flights)
    ` 110,000
    2 Seats left
    • The backwaters of kerala
    • Wildlife and bird watching
    • Tour the spice, coffee and tea plantations
    • Beach hopping
    • Historical legacy
    • Rich art and cultural heritage
    • Rejuvenate and relax with Ayurveda
    7 days trip | 23rd Jul - 29th Jul
    Classic Kerala
    ` 48,800
    1 Seats left
    • Weekend Trip
    • Hatu Peak
    • Apple Trees
    • Serene Location
    • Beautiful Mountain Views
    • Few British Era Buildings
    • Cottage Like Home
    • A super Cute Dog
    3 days trip | 17th Jun - 19th Jun
    Kotgarh - Weekend Getaway
    ` 15,500
    Sold out
    • PangongTso
    • Turtuk Village
    • KhardungLa Pass
    • Nubra Valley
    • Changa La pass
    • Hiking and local shopping
    • Camping and Bonfire
    • Yummmm ladakhi food
    8 days trip | 22nd Jun - 29th Jun
    Nomadic Ladakh Adventure
    ` 57,000
    Sold out
    • Kotgarh
    • Rakcham
    • Chitkul
    • Nako village
    • Tabo village
    • Langza
    • Kibber
    • Chandrataal lake
    • Manali
    11 days trip | 02nd Jul - 12th Jul
    Spiti Roadtrip
    ` 47,000
    1 Seats left