• kalpana vincent
    Sri Lanka from 26 December 2021 to 2 January 2022
    8 months ago
    The aroma of a freshly brewed Ceylon tea at the lap of a charming town Nuwara Eliya, the endless expanse of sky, sea and sand and the sheer thrill of watching whales and dolphins in the beach town Mirissa, a beautiful sight of elephants wandering in the wild at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, an exhilarating jet-ski ride gliding through the waters at Lake Gregory, a spellbinding 3-hour rail journey to Ella that cuts the stunning scenery of majestic mountains and luscious tea plantations, a simple stroll on the streets of Fort Galle lined up with best boutiques, cafes and restaurants, divine interventions at St. Lucia’s Cathedral, Seetha Amman Temple and Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the first bite of a delicious and sweet red tropical fruit Rambutan and treating the taste buds to the authentic flavours of Sri Lanka – overall, the most transformative holiday experience with women-only travel group by Jugni Travels to Sri Lanka from 26 December 2021 to 2 January 2022. I belong to a reflective type and have always been hesitant about travelling in groups. All the more, I do not understand the language that would be widely spoken during the trip. I researched a lot and spoke to different travel agency representatives – what I missed was empathy. In my view, travel is a very personal thing and I wanted my travel agent to understand what I am hesitant about and what I look for – and Nitesh Chauhan, founder of Jugni Travels was spot on to empathize. He was kind and patient and answered all my questions. His calls and messages continued to build the excitement for the trip. I truly appreciate his support in booking tickets and visa process (which isn’t part of the package) and excellent coordination to ensure that everyone reaches Columbo nearly at the same time. I met Nitesh and 13 women at Columbo Airport, who travelled from across India and set out on my first women-only group tour. It took me some time to open up – but they gave me space as well as pushed me out of my comfort zone and ensured that I felt included – all lovely ladies adorned a Hindi to English translator hat at some time or the other. The stay was comfortable; I believe all six hotels were well-researched and handpicked by Jugni Travels. They were the finest and had a charm on their own with spectacular views of gardens, beaches and skyscrapers. It is vital to mention that Jugni Travels lives the values of generosity and kindness – at every hotel and after every meal, all hard labour and warmth of local hospitality was appreciated with generous tips. We will never know the impact of tipping – it could turn as a birthday cake for a son, a painting kit for a daughter, a cane for a mother or an eyeglass for a father. It’s a great feeling to give rather than receive and I was glad to be a part of it. Nitesh is also incredibly generous towards us – from a complimentary train ticket to teaching roulette at the casino and capturing all precious moments to take back home. One of the best parts I loved was the spontaneous plans that emerged when our bus broke down, the mandatory RTPCR COVID-19 test and different preferences for New Year celebrations. We took the journey in the Sri Lankan public bus transport, colourful auto-rickshaws and wished every single soul on the road ‘Happy New Year’ as their faces lit that perfectly matched with fireworks on the sky. Nitesh, as an organizer and a guide, was phenomenal. He kept us engaged with his (though I didn’t understand completely, I could grasp the essence of it and his expressions made it easier), adopted unique photographic techniques to make every picture look stunning (when I viewed the pictures on Instagram, it created a connection to the viewer), made all efforts to make us feel comfortable, ensured that we enjoyed to the fullest and experience the life of Sri Lanka to the core. All the more, he was with us throughout the trip – even on leisure days – and the safety of the group was on top of his mind all the time. I am extremely happy to have landed on Jugni Travels during my research and overjoyed to have gone on this trip. My deepest and heartfelt thanks to Nitesh and Jugni Travels. If you ask me, would I travel again with Jugni? The answer is yes. Would I recommend Jugni? Yes, it will be one of your best travel experiences. You will appreciate all the kindness you receive from Jugni and the inspiring women who are destined to travel with you. Thank you very much for reading. Best regards, Kalpana.
    Magical Meghalaya
    9 months ago
    This winter I wanted to do a ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ after a few google searches I zeroed on the Meghalaya Trip with Jugni Travels This was my first trip with Jugni so with apprehensions in my mind and nervousness in my steps I tread on to this Journey And what a journey it was, reminisce of love, laughter and incredibly good times From Fun filled Bus rides where he gave up his seat to make room for the extra luggage brought by his sweet passengers, To the witty one liners To ensuring our gastronomical delight with the best of local cuisine To taking us to the most picturesque locations and clicking innumerable pictures without a hint of fatigue ,even getting the shy ones to pose Because nothing absolutely nothing can make a Girl happier than a GOOD PICTURE The Boy wonder, the CEO Nitesh surely knows how to ace this. Travelling is a feeling where memories are created & the moments are relived forever and nothing should stop you from creating these Memories for YOURSELF Jugni has given wings to the solo travelling females to travel without any inhibitions. Cheers to Nitesh and looking forward to many more trips with JUGNITRAVELS Keep curating such awesome trips and spreading smiles in the process.
  • Baldeep Mayall
    9 months ago
    I stumbled upon Jugni Travel through a friend and immediately contacted them after reading the reviews. Right from the first conversation till the end of the trip, everything has been perfect. Kashmir was an absolutely wonderful experience with a well curated itinerary. Nitesh did his best to ensure that Jugnis could tick their personal bucket lists too. I met some amazing women and it made this trip more thrilling than a normal solo travel. The highlights of the trip were hands down Nitesh’s rocking sense of humour, his patience and the mind blowing pictures that he clicked. Since the time I am back, I have been recommending Jugni to my sisters, cousins and friends. I have already started to plan my next travel with them. All the lovely women out there, you don’t need to think twice, Go ahead and have the time of your life with Jugni Travel. Thank you Nitesh and Jugni Travel. Wishing you success in every way.
  • Rashmi Ugade
    11 months ago
    My long awaited break finally concluded with some great memories thanks to Jugni Travels. Had been watching this mad man Nitesh Chauhan’s funny uploads on FB that really got me to zero upon Jugnit Travel for my “revenge travel” plan after almost 2 long years. Had already been to Pondicherry so did not have anything specific on my to do list ( excluding Matri Mandir, which I was not fortunate this time around as well). But thanks to the gregarious ladies in the group and this whacko Nitesh, had a wonderful time and 5 days just flew by without realising that you are amongst complete strangers- this being a big deal for an introvert like me. The fact that we were awake till 1am almost all days should sum it all. Don’t have any prior experience on domestic group travel excursions, but would definitely recommend Jugnitravel to all the female folks as with this one you could be rest assured to conclude your trip with a smile on your face and fond memories
  • Purva Avinash
    Magical Vietnam: 9 - 17 Nov 19
    2 years ago
    Magical Vietnam: 9-17 NOV 2019 *Booking & visa process*: Mr. Nitesh Chauhan, founder of the company, not just responded back almost immediately, but answered all my questions and inhibitions patiently. I made the initial payment and then paid the balance amount in parts before the trip. Since I was travelling from Bangalore to Kolkata, he even helped me to figure out the flights that other women from Bangalore were travelling by so that I’d have company. Visa was on arrival and the document needed for it was provided by him. The visa fee and insurance is excluded from the package. . *Itinerary & places selected*: Each place of tourist interest on the itinerary is thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the three most important aspects- safety, fun quotient and accessibility. In my opinion, the two most important and awestruck places that are highlight of this tour package are Paradise Cave and The Dark/ Mud cave! Bana Hills will take your breath away, while cruising on Ha Long Bay will make you value the amazing feeling of doing absolutely nothing! . *Inland travel*: The travel is well planned and executed excellently! You get to experience inland flight, overnight train journey, two nights on a mesmerising cruise, and if you’re a little more on the adventurous side, you can even go for a motorbike ride in Hanoi. The mini-buses that we went around locally were comfortable, clean, well air conditioned. . *Hotels*: Hotels were centrally located. The rooms were good and had all the necessities. My personal favourite property was the one in Dong Hoi- Chap Lay Farms. In a very close proximity to Paradise Cave, nestled at the foothills and surrounded by the mountains, the rooms are quaint little wooden cottages. The bar and restaurant served some surprisingly scrumptious spread that you can sit and have besides the pool while swaying to music. All the hotels properties we stayed at were just fantastic! . *Food*: Nitesh made sure that we got to experience the local Vietnamese food (including street food). We also dined at an Indian restaurant that made us miss home a little less. There were times when we couldn’t find anything that would suite our appetite, but Nitesh made sure that we didn’t go to sleep hungry. . *Overall safety*: Safety tips were provided at regular intervals by Nitesh. He kept a close watch on the group and didn’t compromise on this aspect. He made sure that we were always connected with each other. . *Tips*: We tipped quite generously, because not only the local people went out of their way to help us, but because they deserved every bit of it. It’s a good drive started by Nitesh in which we, as responsible travellers realise to truly appreciate and value labour and their hard work not just when we travel to other countries, but also when we travel in our own country. . *Personal opinion *: Being travelled solo extensively in India, and never travelled via an organised tour since I dislike following a timetable during travel, I was highly skeptical how I’d like this. BUT, IT TURNED OUT TO BE ONE OF THE BEST TRAVEL DECISIONS I’VE MADE! Yes, you can always travel to solo Vietnam. Yes, it’s safe for solo women travellers. Although, I’d HIGHLY ADVISE to travel to Vietnam with Jugni Travels, because as we all know, it’s not about the destination, but the journey, and your journey is GUARANTEED to be THE BEST one till date- all thanks to Nitesh. He is the heart and soul of the group who adds life with his goofing around, silliness, HILARIOUS jokes and witty sense of humour- something that you just have to take my word for because you’ll read this in almost all the other reviews. It’s just impossible to not have fun when he’s around. And if his jokes fail to make you laugh, his voice will win your heart over! Basically, there’s no escape from him! So you might as well get along with the ride while it lasts! As for me, I don’t feel like this is the end of my tour, in fact it’s a beginning of a new journey with Jugni! Thanks Jugni Travels and Nitesh to have become a part of my life! ❤️
  • Deepthi
    Azerbaijan - Baku
    2 years ago
    My ultimate search for the perfect solo women travel company ends in ‘Jugni’! Finally, after having numerous trip with reputed Mumbai travel operators, I am now settled with Jugni forever!! Having said that, other travel groups had fixed schedule with lot of group activities & less sightseeing which did not meet my taste. I discovered ‘Jugni travel’ through my google search for women solo travel company and decided to give it a chance based on its reviews. I am fortunate that I did give a try by joining them to an international destination ‘Azerbaijan - Baku’. The CEO of the company Mr. Nitesh is enthusiastic, humorous, trustworthy and nice guy; also it’s absolutely safe to travel with him. He keeps everyone in the group entertained with his fabulous sense of humour and makes sure your muscles & bones would hurt with all loud laughter! Further, he makes sure that you are comfortable in a group by asking you any concerns or feedbacks, he gives you space i.e. ‘Me time’ whenever needed, he doesn’t force you to participate in group jokes, discussions or activities as it’s your choice to get involved or not but believe me getting involved only brings the enduring crazy joy. He is an avid photographer, has very flexible nature and accepts change or skip in travel spots based on one’s request & safety. You will love his company and surely won’t complain!! Coming to my Jugni’s... being solo on this trip, I met a group of women strangers who were so caring & humble that I got pretty settled with them. Apart from first timers, one of them was travelling with Jugni for the fifth time and some were travelling for the second or third time! Looking at them on my first day, only made me feel content that my whole trip would go amazing. Yes, Indeed! My trip was awesome with fun filled memories, peace and a bunch of new friends. Love you all Jugni’s. ❤️ If you are reading this post now, then please drop all your fears, skeptical thoughts and trust Nitesh with a blink of eye to book an amazing lifetime experience trip with Jugni. Just the way I did, joining Jugni only a week before the Baku tour! All will be well and you will end up loving Jugni travel... Cheers!
  • Garima Sinha
    3 years ago
    I visited Caucasus with Jugni and it was my first trip with an all women traveling troupe. I had been extremely apprehensive about the trip but to my pleasant surprise, it was one of my most memorable experiences ever! To start with, I decided to take the trip because of the location (absolutely exotic and unexplored.. not many traveling groups do it), the itinerary and it also suited my work schedule. And most importantly, once I had researched the countries I was convinced they were not to be missed and I wasn't sure if I would visit them alone on my own, so travelling with a group made a lot of sense. Itinerary: Each country was being given sufficient amount of time and the itinerary had varied experiences. We were visiting lakes, ski towns, local bazaars, historical sites, local clubs, tiny border towns, large capital cities, churches, mosques, temples. Particularly about meals, we experimented a lot with local cuisine and Indian food ( which was helpful for people who were starting to miss home food) so there was a good balance even with the meals. The hotels we stayed in were reputed, safe, comfortable, centrally located and spacious. Nitesh: (yes, he deserves a special mention :D) Nitesh always travels with the group, he is a combination of an inquisitive and excited tourist, an extremely humorous and comical co-traveller and an extremely responsible and careful trip facilitator. There was never a dull moment even during the long bus travels, Nitesh ensured we were all entertained with his stories, jokes and songs. In a group of 12 very different travellers, traveling across 3 culturally diverse countries, there are bound to be hiccups. What was the most admirable was how Nitesh handled those hiccups, found a quick solution and made necessary arrangements to resolve the problem. He had one thumb rule, 'Itinerary above all', if there was even one person who wanted to stick to the itinerary and the rest wanted to do something else, he made sure he gave the flexibility of deviating from the itinerary to the others at the same time personally accompanied the one person who wanted to follow the itinerary. This kind of flexibility is usually not seen in pre-planned tours so there was a perfect balance to travellers who wanted to explore a few things off-itinerary, which I found most encouraging. Caucasus - unexplored, breath-taking, beautiful, safe and culturally rich. It's a place I would want to visit again especially Armenia (it had the sweetest people and a lot of snow!!). The 3 countries share a common history and yet, together offer a very diverse set of experiences. I am glad I took the trip otherwise I would have been oblivious to the magic and splendour of the Caucasus. It was great break from my hectic office routine. Kudos to Nitesh and Jugni! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for the amazing 10 days :)
  • runul rastogi
    3 years ago
    JUGNI TRAVELS - It is your torch to the WORLD !!!!!! I have done JORDAN, SPITI & MEGHALAYA with Jugni It gives you the experiences and memories of your lifetime in a group of like-minded individuals for the quest of exotic destinations rarely tread , in the lap of utmost comfort n above all - SAFETY n SECURITY...... Then you have a cherry on top with an endearing humorous head - (CEO of Jugni) @niteshchauhan ❤ That’s MY epitaph for this company which has now become a surrogate home for me !!!!!
  • Samyuktha Gopal
    3 years ago
    Went for the Ladakh trip with Jugni. Had a wonderful time with all the lovely people on the trip. Great accomodation too; specially the campsite at Nubra Valley was stunning! Kudos to Nitesh, who kept everything fun. Thank you for this :)
  • Kalpana Singh
    Kothgarh (Himachal)
    3 years ago
    So let me start the story with my new year’s long list of resolutions and one of the point I had penned down- ‘Plan a trip with Jugni’ and that’s how the whole story started, people. I am quite active on Instagram and long back somehow landed on jugni page and it immediately took my attention. Since I am a avid traveller and mostly go on solo trips (planned on my own) I wanted to try out a trip in a group specially with strangers (girls) and not worry about itinerary. As the time passed I saw some fun videos and awesome pictures on jugni page, which eventually made me interested and that’s how jugni featured in my to-do list or u can say the resolution list for 2019. But still being a solo traveller, I was not sure if it would be a good idea or I would be able to fit in with variety of people, but I ended up taking a plunge and decided to go with the flow which now I think was an awesome idea. Anyways, without wasting time I ticked the point by booking a seat in Jan itself. Well, the night I met everyone at McDonald’s I was full of apprehensions but this bunch of girls are fab and very sweet, and took care of each other so well that I never felt that I met them for the first time
  • Dr. Nikita Tilekar
    Leh ladakh
    3 years ago
    Like most of the girls i was really skeptical about travelling alone with a group of strangers especially because i was from maharashtra and dint know much about jugni travels based in delhi..had just got some information about it online! I did not have a clue back then that this was going to be one of the best trip of my life..12 girls!! Strangers for namesake but by the time we left we had developed such a great bond! And ofcourse the credit goes to Nitesh..his jokes, constant enthusiasm, taking care of smallest things, all the parties, bornfires in the coldest weather, and fulfilling our last minute demands!! Noone can get bored with this guy around! You name it and he tried to fulfill all our demands! I had heard of leh ladakh being a difficult place to explore and travel but with jugni it was the most incredible trip of my life! All the hotels, homestays, tents were perfect..all our food demands especially bhajjiyas in the cold weather were always fulfilled! Writing this post really late though always had it at back of my mind
  • Dipanjana Kar
    A group of 10-12 strangers (girls only) exploring some unexplored places accompanied by a very enthusiastic organiser, that’s Jugni for you in a nutshell.
    3 years ago
    I came to know about Jugni while I was in a different holiday with a friend and another acquaintance (a very dear friend now). It was she, a prior Jugni traveller, spoke very highly about her experiences and how every girl should at least once try traveling with Jugni. She was quite insistent that I too give it a shot. Luck came my way when a friend suggested this Gahan trip that was organised during the 26th January weekend. Without delay, I quickly jumped at the opportunity and booked myself a seat. As any other first timer, I had my inhibitions, doubts and was quite sceptical whether I’ll be able to cope up to the Jugni standards, knowing I had many qualms. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. From the very start Nitesh (Founder and CEO of Jugni) made me feel super comfortable and welcomed. He made sure that all my needs are well taken care off. Actually, he is aware of everyone’s (who is part of the group) needs and personally makes it a point to see to it. He lightened the mood with his hilarious personality whenever things got tough. Now I guess it’s my luck, due to some unforeseen difficulties, we couldn’t reach Gahan, but ended up at Deodar Cottage, Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh. When I say luck, I mean it in the best possible way, because staying at Deodar Cottage gave me my best 2 days of 2019. The beautiful mountains, the snow laden trees, the whiteness of the whole place gave a feel of a far away winter wonderland. Then comes the hosts, Atul Sir and Family, the warmth and compassion they showed truly depicts their humble nature and beautiful hearts. Last but not the least, Elsa and Snowy, their pets were like cherry on a Christmas Cake. Rajat Sir, an expert at mountaineering, was our constant support and guide. With his abundance of knowledge and experience of the mountains, he made trekking through the snow laden landscape a walk in the park. And trust me, making me WALK is a task, even if it’s a PARK. Now let me talk about my 9 other strangers, aka The Girls. We all were first timers with Jugni, but believe me when I say, from the moment we met, we instantly connected and felt like we belong to this one big group. Big hugs to all of them. I guess that sums up my experience with Jugni. Would I recommend Jugni to anyone? Well, my answer to that is definitely YES, a big fat YESSSS. Jugni is Safe, it’s reliable, and most important, it’s FUN. Give it a try Girls, you will bring back memories to cherish, as I have, FOREVER! Love, Dipanjana (insta : @dipz_dipz_dipz)
  • Shilpi Singhal
    3 years ago
    Jugni as a name suggests "Female firefly" is really giving gals their wings to fly. My latest experience with Jugni has been a trip Kotgarh. This trip has inked lifetime memories which i will cherish all through my life. Nitesh - The ultimate guy with great sense of humor took utmost care of each & everything - comfortable homestay,food , safety etc .He tried his best in making our stay a comfortable one. Then comes the next integral part of our trip - Rajat sir. He was the real driving force who really motivated us in pushing our limits - we all were to able to complete the 15km snow trek :). Nows that's we call an achievement. And what to say about my trip mates - have made real good friends. I am really thankful to Jugni for adding this cool chapter in my life. Looking forward to next fun-filled trip with Jugni.
  • Crystal Perry
    Krygystan 2018/19
    3 years ago
    Super glad to make a brilliant decision to travel with Jugni and bring in the New Year with a group of 11 Jugni travellers(strangers to me at first, but now friends). Jugnu Nitesh... Ah where do I start ? Hahaha ...with Nitesh around there is never ever a dull moment. On the trip he would make us laugh with his comic one liners and expressions( oh let me not get started - if we had to take a picture of all his different facial expressions we would have made over a 100 GIFs per hour). Jokes apart, he was our go to person for any support needed. Nitesh being NITESH chilled out, he would still never compromise on our safety. Happy to have travelled with Jugni to this unique and offbeat location. Krygystan with its snow clad mountains has a magical charm to it. I would not be able to express in words for splendid the experience with Jugni was. If you ask me if you should travel with Jugni.. without a thought I would say - Yes, definitely !
  • Nidhi Marwaha
    3 years ago
    Kotgarh: What all can one possibly expect from a short weekend trip to a small unknown town in himachal? Well, going strictly by the Itinerary - a day to relax, a short trek to a temple followed by shopping in Shimla. My recent trip to kotgarh with jugni was everything that the itinerary promised and way beyond. A trip, which came as a rollercoaster of experiences and left me completely amazed. We stayed with a family who welcomed us warmly and made us feel at home from the word go! The bonfire conversations, the team mission to jointly spot shooting stars (for records, we spotted 15 as a team within an hour), the endless sessions of stories and jokes, feel of snow as soft as cotton on the face, snow fights, miserably failed attempts to make a snowman, equally miserable attempts at posing as yrf's leading ladies, cooking meals in a Himalayan kitchen with people seated around and dressing in local attire are just a few of my experiences from the trip.. Meeting like-minded people from different walks of life who unknowingly left a mark and gave me a fresh perspective on life, was what made the trip all the more special. After literally stalking jugni for more than two years on social media, I had booked this trip impulsively in frustration from an office event and mainly to test waters. A special thanks to Jugnu Nitesh who made it as comfortable and as fun as it was. He was always there to guide, to take care of everything and everyone. Positive that I won't have to wait for another trigger at office to book my next trip, here's a thumbs up to team jugni and a recommendation to all those who have not been able to click on "book now" because of endless apprehensions! I'll only say. Go ahead and experience for yourself :)
  • Priti Jhall
    Turkish delight!!
    4 years ago
    I have always been a solo traveler since I discovered my passion for traveling. I traveled a lot in Europe all solo and by myself. Thanks to Jugni - I realized how much fun and refreshing a vacation can be when you are traveling with a like-minded group of girls. Both Rohit & Nitesh are so friendly and caring that they arranged everything pretty well and took care of everyone. Overall I had an awesome time in Turkey with 13 strangers who became my friends by the end of the journey. Looking forward to travel with them again to a new place for a new experience...
  • Sushmita Das
    Turkish Adventure With Jugni
    4 years ago
    Everything in life is meant to happen for a reason. When you are out in the world with your arms wide open, you only attract goodness. ‘Jugni’ happened to me in this beautiful way. Turkey – the ultimate combination of modesty and modernity is the first country I chose to do with Jugni. Pat on my back for the best decision of my life – well deserved :) . This was my first solo trip, and I wasn’t sure how an all-girls trip (not to forget the unknowns) would feel like – cat-fights, high-heeled attitude??? May be, may be not? Although, I love the uncertainties, not-so-known’s’ of life, I still had these thoughts for tad bit. Voila, what dream it turned into! Life happened and it was one of the most mesmerizing trips I could have ever imagined. Our tribe of 12 girls and 2 Jugnus (Jugnu teaser – will talk more soon) was like a package deal – all inclusive. Full of fun and enthusiasm – each one of them were meant to be a part of this trip – fitting like a puzzle. About the trip planning, let me tell you, I am a bit bossy and ‘want-to-know-it all-in-advance’ kind coz all this while the planning baton has been in my hands for all my vacays. However, I knew with Jugni, I can take a back seat and be a traveler with no worries. Well, that didn’t stop me from asking endless questions from Rohit (The gentleman Jugnu – ‘High rated Khattru’ as I like to call him). Rohit broke my record in the patience department :) . He has been so calm and never hesitant to answer any of my queries and promptly, even though he is constantly travelling (PS: I hate when people don’t respond to my messages and be up-and-running with the useless forwards :) ). During the trip, Rohit would take care of each one of us and magically has the strings tied so we are never lost. We had a good mix of vegans and not-so-vegans, so you can understand the care we required. Love you Khattru for ensuring we all are well-fed so that you can make us walk more and get tanned for all the right reasons (it’s a trap!). There were zero hiccups and we had the most amazing time in Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pammukale, covering all the best things these places had to offer. Saving the flavor of the trip for last, the oh-so-adorable Jugnu – Nitesh, who has taken the life quote – ‘Self love is the best love’ – way too seriously :) . He is the male version of Kareena from Jab We Met :) . I did tell him! Jokes apart (not literally), be ready to carry an extra set of jaw, as with this guy around, you will be laughing your heads off throughout. There is never a dull moment when he is around. Powerhouse of energy and talent he is – Offering merely 3 things – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment! I am not a fan of ‘get-up-early’, ‘be-back-in-30’, ‘hold-this-flag-identifier’ kind of trips. This trip was very much in my comfort zone, floating and partying around with great mix of people. Doing impromptu things in between and no pressure of following any fixed agenda all the time. Perfecto! Ah, just can’t get over it and made such wonderful friends from different walks of life. Can’t wait for my next trip with Jugni. Are you listening girls? When you are back home with baggage full of memories, showing your better-half the captures, and get to listen – “You should do this more often. It all appears super badass fun”, you know you have done something really envious :)
  • Harsheen Dhamija
    Bir Billing Weekend Getaway
    4 years ago
    I had been eyeing all the jugni's trips since they started. It all seemed too good to be true. Booked a trip with them after following their activities for 2 years, the trigger was working 48 hours straight at the hospital. It turned out to be the single, best decision, my half asleep ass has ever made. Being a true procastinator that I am, I'm writing this review after almost 2-3 months after going to the trip. Even after months of being on a trip with Jugni, I remember every single minute of it, as those 2 days were just super special. My parents didn't know that I was going on the trip, that just added to my anxiety, in addition to travelling with 12 people that I had never ever met in my life. All that anxiety vanished the minute I sat on that bus to Bir Billing. Every transport, every meal, every destination to be visited, was so perfectly planned that I had zero things to worry about. I'm the worst packer in the history of packers. Had no idea that it was supposed to be this cold in Bir. But thanks to the amazing people (now friends) that I met on the trip, I had woolen caps, layers and layers of clothes at my disposal. The paragliding experience was definitely the highlight of the trip, the best 30 min of the year so far. Now on to the most difficult part of the review. I don't know what can be said about Rohit and Nitesh that has not already been written. These are the guys you want to be best of friends with. They love what they do so much, that they are almost perfect at it. There was never a dull moment when Nitesh was around and well Rohit knew the places we visited in an out, giving all possible information about them. Who knew I would be roaming on the streets of Billing talking about the architecture of the houses with Rohit, eating an icecream and just having the best time, well, I didn't. Never felt so safe, yet free at the same time. To the future Jugnis who might be reading this review, just stop thinking and book that trip right away. And if your parents are cool with solo trips and everything, book one of their international trips. God knows how badly I want to. A long due thankyou to the Jugnus. With love, Dr. Harsheen Zakir Khan :D
  • megha shukla
    4 years ago
    I’ve been sitting in the office & browsing jugni’s website multiple times a day, deciding where to go next with them. Yes, this is what happens when you spend just few days with jugni. I’m back from Kotgarh trip two days back & I’m already missing the time spend with them. After stalking them on facebook, instagram for a year & dropping multiple queries for almost every trip, I decided to settle for a short trip to Kotgarh. It’s a beautiful location with amazingly maintained deodar cottage (not to forget the loving family) where we stayed for two days. And, offcourse where I met the cutest dog ever ELSA. She’s so loving that even if you are not a dog loving person, you will still end up clicking endless photos with her. Special mention to two amazing guys that I’m sure you will fell in love with- Nitesh & Rohit. There’s a unsaid connect that you develop in just few minutes of meeting them. Rohit being a complete gentleman, takes care of all nitty gritty things of each & every jugni travelling with them. Despite of organizing so many trips with so many women, he still gives individual attention to everybody’s needs with a smile. From making sure that you ate well to patiently waiting when you are busy shopping, he doesn’t have a slightest of grin on his face. Nitesh on the other hand is a complete entertainer & makes sure that you never stop laughing. He’ll be your best friend in the trip. Nitesh- “If you ever decide on doing standup comedy, I’ll be the first one to buy ticket for your show”. Lastly, despite of multiple elephant sessions “I HAVE MADE MEMORIES FOR LIFE”. Thank you all the jugnis & Nitesh, Rohit for making this trip so amazing.
  • Nitya Sharma
    4 years ago
    When you are in a glass case of emotions, all you could do is hear yourself and feel like breaking the chamber to let out all you carrying within. Every individual is carrying multiple positive and negative thoughts, while the cosmos is making a blueprint of your destiny. But as we stand strong and decide to tie the knot at the end of the rope and hold on to it, visualising our arms extending forward, exhaling and telling ourselves a big YES, that's it's always worth all the pain and the loss. These two interesting souls, Rohit and Nitesh has made 'Jugni' as not just their lives but a reason for a lot of girls to relive, rejoice and relish their lives. I would not call them just captivating but one of the most kind and courageous men I have come across in years. They make sure that every single girl coming with Jugni, live every moment to the fullest, forget the sad and awful truth of life, be friends with strangers with whom we would not spend our lives with but live every second in the present in the best of the ways. It was my first trip with Jugni, yes I was scared and skeptical about it but by the time it was a farewell for everyone, I was emotional to say goodbye to each and everyone out there. The three days trip to Kotgarh was very less in a way that I craved for more of the happy moments and more than enough to give me the strength to find paradise even in the most difficult times. We always hear, that every place has something good and bad to offer but the place we stayed in 'Deodar Cottage' had lots of love to give in all the possible ways. Parental love from aunty and uncle, affection from Elsa-the dog, some gaga moments with the kids there and a lot of motivation to explore places from Atul Bhaiya (owner of the cottage). Rohit and Nitesh made sure that each one of us overcome the fears we have and explore what all we our worth of. Apart from spending time with others during the bonfire and crazy dance night, I could spend a lot time with myself during the bus journey, the hatu peak trek and gazing at the billions of stars in the night. In the end, I would just say make small moments special and trust these two beautiful souls in what they have to offer you during the trip and let go of all the toxic thoughts to cherish and embrace the time you have got with Jugni. :)
  • tanvi nagpal
    4 years ago
    Jugni: When you dare to fly without wings! Thanks for making my first solo Birthday travel experience an awesome one. I started as a solo traveller and ended the trip making wonderful friends. Initially I was a bit skeptical about my decision of travelling to Bhutan with strangers however, a big thank you to team Jugni who took care of everything and made the journey worthwhile. Had an amazing time with Jugnis and khattru and came back home with beautiful memories and friendship to be cherished forever. Absolutely loved every minute of this year end trip. Thank you Rohit Khattar aka Khattru for being the craziest Jugnu and making my birthday trip so special. JUGNI was the best decision I've made this year!
  • neha singh
    Nomadic Ladakh Adventure
    4 years ago
    Being a wanderlust soul my plan to visit Ladakh with Jugni was an impromtu one. First solo trip with strangers to a totally new place was exciting as well as nerve wracking. No doubt I had inhibitions before coming for the trip but as they say- "Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures". It really turned out to be true for my trip. Right from the iternary to small little things everything was well improvised and arranged keeping in mind each and every jugni that was coming along. Every Jugni was well taken care of. The Jugnus- Rohit and Nitesh took care of each Jugni while we were down with little health issues. Both of them have different way of handling things and they always kept everything interesting and amazing for us. Rohit would sincerely lay out rules and take good care of ailing jugnis and click good pics while Nitesh would crack jokes that were accompanied by major laughter riots. The place itself being so serene was wonderful because of the fun loving and amazing jugnis that came along. We came as strangers and went back as friends with the hope of meeting again to recreate the same experience. Whenever I would think of my trip to Ladakh with the Jugni I would say- "There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met." Hope to be a part of future trips with the Jugni. My sincere advice to the ladies who are reading this review- Take a leap of faith and its guaranteed you won't be disappointed.My personal thought- Jugni gave me wings to fly!!
  • Divya Shetty
    Bhutan Xmas Trip 2017
    4 years ago
    I wanted to go somewhere for my birthday desperately and the Bhutan trip coincided with my dates...but i was a bit reluctant to book since I had never done a Solo trip ever. After a lot of thought and a "Jo hoga dekha jayega" attitude I went ahead with these guys. And trust me I dont regret it a bit !! It was the best decision ever. They truly mean when they say " Come as strangers go back as friends". Its more like travelling with friends. Always ready to accomodate our suggestions... always ready to help..and always ready to pull your legs too :p . The itinerary was flexible and relaxed too. And both Rohit & Nitesh will go out of the way to entertain you.. you will laugh till your jaws start hurting. It was a perfect birthday trip for me just as I had imagined...made some really good friends in diff parts of the country. So thank you Rohit & Nitesh and keep rocking guys. A big thanks to Rohit who really pushed me to complete the Tigers Nest trek..I really mean it. Without a second thought will definitely recommend these guys to anybody who wish to travel offbeat.
  • Rupal Chawla
    4 years ago
    A big THANK YOU to Jugni for such an awesome trip to Bhutan. I never thought that I would travel with strangers and come back with some really good friends. The whole Jugni experience has been great for me. The perfect trip, I would say. Though Rohit, you are the planner and Nitesh, the entertainer, but you did both the jobs perfectly in this trip. Thank you for being the amazing travel guide on this trip and a good friend too. Though Nitesh could not be part of the trip throughout, still in the short while it was evident that he is a true entertainer and any trip with him is bound to be full of laughter. I wish you guys loads of success. You are doing an fantastic job! Kudos Jugni!!
  • Pooja Kapoor
    4 years ago
    After losing myself to the boring and messed up life.. I settled for Jugni as a very desperate measure without any expectations as I was never fond of solo travelling. All I would say is just within 15 minutes of meeting these two lovely boys - Rohit and Nitesh, I felt I found myself again. Jugni is a feeling you will carry with you forever! Went solo, came back with 15 new beautiful relations to be cherished for the lifetime � Thank you guys and all those whom I travelled with. This has been the best decision I have taken oflate �
  • Pooja Sharma
    Bir Billing
    4 years ago
    My first trekking/adventure trip and after hearing so much about the two jugnoos Rohit & Nitesh, i instantly decided to travel with them. A weekend trekking/camping/paragliding trip, what else anyone can ask for and above this company of these two superbly funny sweet amazing jugnoos. It was purely bliss travelling with them, sharing stories, having fun and loads more. The enitre trip starting from Delhi to Baijnath, trek from bir to billing, camping at Billing and back not even for a single second you feel you are travelling with strangers. The two duos are perfect in there jobs. The normally quiet, always ready to click Rohit and totally hilarious, funny, story teller Nitesh, just make up your trip. Its definitely one memorable trip down the memory lane. Iam glad i chose jugni for this adventure. Now definitely looking forward to travel with you more often. Girls please don't think and book your trips. You definitely gona have most enjoyable time of your life.
  • Deeksha Jashnani Bajaj
    Bhutan December 2017
    4 years ago
    What do i say about this trip? Nervous and restless before I embarked on this journey. Have been traveling for many years now but never done something like this. It’s been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, was lost in the monotony of everyday life I’m back fresh and rejuvenated ready for more in the coming new year . Rohit Khattar helpful, accommodating and absolutely charming . Hope to do the next trip with both you and Nitesh Chauhan. Great job thank you
  • Chitra Hegde
    Bhutan Xmas
    4 years ago
    Bhutan Xmas Trip ! When my close friend Lakshmi suggested we should go for Bhutan with Jugni , I was hesitant . Although a travel enthusiastic , I try to avoid group tours majorly because of the limitations and restrictions . This time however ,thought I will give a try ! And that was my best decision . Beautiful Bhutan become more interesting in company of other crazy girls ! Long road journeys become shorter , 24 hours of a day felt lesser and routine boring life suddenly became brighter ! Did not know how the time flew and we had to return to reality . This is what Jugni does to you ! It was an amazing trip . Comfortable , safe and Fun . Rohit and Nitesh ... Whatever gave you this idea .. it's just great ! You two have been entertaining , encouraging and making us enjoy every moment. Thank you so so much for giving us such a beautiful experience . We had a fun filled , high energy holiday and returned with beautiful memories . We met other Jugnis and Jugnus as strangers at Airport in the beginning and parted at the Airport with misty eyes and heavy hearts ! Of course with the promise to make more tours with #Jugni The laughter still rings in my ears , I can still feel the warmth of hugs , Smile just gets bigger when I think of the trip. I confess, I am travel crazy but this trip made me a Jugni addict , which is hard to get over ! Already thinking of my next holiday with Jugni !
  • Amani Alhadid
    4 years ago
    Vietnam trip قبل أشهر عديدة قررت السفر مع Jugni Travel الى الفيتنام.. كنت أرغب في خوض تجربة فريدة من خلال السفر إلى بلد جديد برفقة غرباء عني في اللغة والثقافة.. كنت متحمسة جدا لارى ماذا سينتظرني وكيف ستكون التجربة.. بالطبع كنت أشعر بالقلق والتوتر .. فأنا الفتاة الوحيدة القادمة من بلد عربي محافظ ..فهل سيكون وجودي مقبولا ومرحباً به؟؟.. اليوم وبعد عودتي من الفيتنام..أستطيع أن أؤكد أنني عشت أجمل تجربة في حياتي حتى الآن برفقة مجموعة متميزة من فتيات الهند ومنظمي الرحلة الرائعين.. كل يوم كانت هناك فعاليات جديدة... حيث زرنا مدن مختلفة وصعدنا جبال عالية وزرنا كهوف عديدة وركبنا الدراجات وقمنا بالتجديف.. استخدمنا جميع وسائل النقل..سافرنا بالطائرة وتنقلنا برا عن طريق الباص والقطار وقمنا برحلة بحرية رائعة ومن اجمل ما حدث كان فرصة التعرف على اصدقاء جدد وملىء ذاكرتك بالذكريات الدافئة ..ومن ضمن هؤلاء الأصدقاء كان Rohit and Nitesh Rohit شخصية قيادية هادئة .. يعمل بصمت . يراقب ويتابع ويتواصل مع الجميع بمودة وألفة.. عندما تتعامل معه تشعر انك تعرفه منذ وقت طويل..كان يقدم العون للجميع ويمنح الجميع حرية التصرف كما يحلو له..كان حريصا جدا على سلامتي وأمني ومبادرا للمساعدة في كل شيء..وجوده بيننا جعل الجميع يشعر بالراحة طوال الوقت Nitesh فهو ذو شخصية مختلفة.. يمتلك صوت جميل ويغني بطريقة جميلة.. .الشخص الوحيد الذي لا يمكن لك أن تتحدث إليه لدقيقة واحدة دون أن تضحك كثيرا على تعليقاته وتصرفاته المضحكة.. كان يعرف جيدا كيف يرسم الابتسامة ويصنع الضحكة على وجوه الفتيات.. كان يضفي الكثير من المرح والبهجة على اجواء الرحلة Jugni.. معها تجد التنظيم المميز ..والفعاليات الرائعة.. الاوقات الممتعه بصحبة رفقة نادرة.. من ترغب ان تحيا تجربة سفر فريدة فلتتواصل مع Jugni =============================== Many months ago I decided to travel with Jugni Travel to Vietnam. I was interested in a unique experience by traveling to a new country accompanied by people from different language and culture. I was very excited to see how will the experience would be!. Of course, I was worried and had some concerns as I am the only girl who comes from a conservative Arab country. Would my presence be acceptable?. Today, after my return from Vietnam. I can confirm that I lived the most beautiful experience in my life so far with a group of distinguished Indian ladies and two wonderful trip organizers. Every day there were new events where we visited different cities and climbed high mountains and visited many caves. Also, we rode bikes and went to kayaking. We used all the means of transportation, we traveled by plane, by bus, by train, and we went on a wonderful cruise trip for two days. One of the most beautiful things in this trips was the opportunity to meet new friends and fill my memory with warm memories.. Among those friends were Rohit & Nitesh Rohit is a quiet leader, working silently, keep watching and following and communicating with everyone with affection and familiarity. When you deal with him you feel that you know him for a long time. He was helping everyone and giving them the freedom to act as they like. He was very keen on my safety and he has the sense of initiation to help with everything. His presence allowed us to be comfortable all the time. Nitesh has a different personality. He has a beautiful voice and sings in a beautiful way. You could not talk to him for a minute without laughing too much on his comments and funny behavior. He knew how to draw a smile and create a laugh on our faces. His presence gave a lot of fun and joy to the trip. With Jugni, you will find the best trip organizing, a wonderful events and activities, the greatest companions and funniest atmosphere For those who are looking for a distinguished travel experience, contact Jugni ASAP.
  • Swapna Vissavajjula Rao
    4 years ago
    A night before I was supposed to fly for the trip, I was super anxious, nervous and panic. I pinged Rohit and told him the same, when he just said, “Don't worry we will take care of you like a baby.” and yes, they did take care of me exactly the same way. He was available all the time, took care of all the minor requirements. Though we ladies were scattered all over the place, he kept a track of each one of us and made sure all of us are safe, which in fact made me comfortable and being sure of not getting lost anywhere. Thanks Rohit, for planning the itinerary so well. And yeah, also thanks for taking me back for kayaking... Would had missed the experience if you weren't there. Jugni has become one of the best part of my life and I am glad I found them. I have always been in a comfort zone and have never traveled with totally new set of people. But after this trip I can say, “Great things never came from comfort zones, just explore new possibilities, meet new people and break free from your own fears.” In my trip to Vietnam, I did everything from cycling, zip lining, biking, swimming, kayaking, trekking to caving and I have enjoyed each and every minute of the day spent. At the beginning of the trip I meet total strangers at the airport, and now I have a story to tell. Nitesh - You rock. Nobody has ever made me laugh as you did, and I cherish every moment we spent at the trip. You made this trip one of the best moments of my life and it will be treasured. I am sure planning many more trips with Jugni, especially for all those laughters that made me breathless. Love you guys. Keep rocking!
  • Naina Tushar
    4 years ago
    There are some things which cannot be put in words. Love is one of them and then there is Ladakh- the land of scenic beauty, rustic charm and nature at its best. Nevertheless, I will try to pen down my experience of Ladakh as best as I can, trying hard not to lose myself in those brilliant moments spent in the lap of majestic Himalayas. The moment I touched down in Ladakh, I was sure this is going to be a magical experience. The reasons were 1st: it was my 3rd trip with Jugni, 2nd:no other reason is required coz when you are with these two (Rohit and Nitesh) everything just fits perfectly. The place mesmerized me and left me spellbound, although it did take us a day to get used to the physical conditions of the place. After all, there has got to be a relative lack of oxygen at a place which lies more than 3000 meters above sea level. The beauty of the Leh Ladakh is difficult to express. From Pangong lake to Nubra Valley, from Khardungla to Zanskar & Indus confluence everything was just so beautiful and mesmerizing. What made everything more beatiful was the company of epitome of laughter Nitesh, Pahadon ke Devta Khattar and the fellow amazing Jugnis. A big thank you to team Jugni who took care of everything and made the journey worthwhile. Absolutely loved every minute of this trip.
  • Hemangi Parkeria
    4 years ago
    This was the first time I was travelling solo and there was a great deal of excitement as oxymoronically, i would be in the company of strangers. I had planned this trip with the idea of putting myself out of my comfort zone and being absolutely adventerous. It was about traveling, having fun, making new bonds and returning home with bags full of memories. To my surprise, the trip more than satisfied my urge for breaking free from norms and being me. It was well planned with the perfect mix of local sight seeing, food tastings, shopping and ample time to explore the place on our own (my much needed "me" time). The two main attractions were- Rohit and Nitesh. Nitesh had the unmissable talent of gripping our attention with his witty jokes and singing. On the other hand rohit would silently and meticulously take care of all the requirements. Even the smallest concerns were well attended; including the never ending serenic pictures clicked. Thank u Jugni for the wonderful experience and memories. Most importantly for all the Whatsapp DPs and Facebook profile pics.
  • Pranamika Bhuyan
    4 years ago
    Anxiety, nervousness, excitement. These were the few emotions before I booked my trip with Jugni Travels. Ladakh is one of the dream destinations that I had always wanted to go but the lack of friends always not procrastinated the trip. Not this time as I finally packed my bags and went with Jugni Travels to my dream destination. Little did I knew that the best part of the trip would not just be the mighty passes, the beautiful mountains and the serene pangong lake but also some of the friends that I will now stay connected forever. Right from the word go the services of the Jugni Travels were top class. Whether it was punctuality or the accommodation. Full marks to Jugni on that. While the duo of Rohit Khattar and Nitesh Chauhan were throughly Profesional, it was really nice to see the personal attention they gave to the group throughout. They made utmost efforts to fulfill all the needs of the group even if it was out of ITINERARY. Girls love to fly and these guys give the wings to fly.The fact that proves that this trip was amazing is that I am going to book another tour with Jugni Travels very soon. P.S. Soon depends upon how quickly I get another long leave from my office???? Lots of Love Success and Endless Bookings Rj Pahi 93.5 Red Fm, Guwahati
  • Sana Iqbal
    4 years ago
    “The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes sight-seeing.” – Daniel J. Boorstin Take a bow Rohit and Nitesh cause you don't make us girls tourists but travelers. Having mulled over various trips Jugni organizes, my heart was set on Turkey and lo and behold I finally mustered enough courage and took the plunge. What was to be a sojourn in Turkey, ended with me leaving a piece of my heart back there. The way the itinerary is planned, the attention to detail given to every leg of the trip, every place to be explored will make you believe that these two men are doing what they were meant to do- being a blessing in disguise for us girls who want to travel. They complement each other perfectly- yin and yang! While Rohit stays quiet and focuses on meticulous execution of the planning and making the stay and travel comfortable, Nitesh on the other hand is a motor mouth and is hell bent on ensuring that you don't stop laughing all the time. At the beginning of the trip you meet strangers at the airport as a part of your travel group, at the end of the trip at the airport you part ways with friends with a heavy heart and carry the memories of the trip in your heart with you. Ladies if you've ever had the thought of venturing out traveling alone, close your eyes and take that leap of faith with Jugni. Once you've been a jugni, you'll always be a jugni!
  • Shruti
    5 years ago
    Leh was always on my bucket list and Jugni did it for me and how! :) I don't know where to even begin. Loved how everything was taken care of, how every little requests (mad ones too) were acknowledged and completed. From airport transfers to hotel/ resorts/ homestay and local sightseeing arrangements. From shopping to bike rides to eating mutton kebabs at the roadside stall, everything was spot on! We also got to go rafting at Sangam (which came out as a random thought, a request from one of the girls and it was acknowledged by the lovely hosts, yet again :)) Even got lucky and ate at the Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. Who would have thought of that! What an experience it has been. Going to miss all the early morning frantic knocks on our doors, shoving bottles and bottles of water down our throats (Khattar, read this :D), the crazy drives (special shoutout to Kunzang, Stenzen and Yunus (hasmukh), the treks that caused tears and breathlessness, all the songs we played in our cars and destroyed lyrics by a certain someone (mentioned below :D), the bonfires, starry nights, snow mountains and valleys, the joy of watching the gorgeous full moon in a spotless sky, shooting stars, the super awesome biryani we ate in the middle of nowhere, amazing green tea, the love of daadi serving us yummy food in her home, the warm people of Leh and their smiles and the time spent with all the new friends I made on this trip. Thank you Khattar and Nitesh for making this happen for all of us. Special thanks to you Nitesh for keeping our spirits high at all times and making us laugh till our stomachs began to hurt. You have an amazing knack of making people laugh and keeping them happy. Keep doing that for as long as you can :) Until we meet again #JugniForLife #GirlPower
  • Shilpi
    5 years ago
    I had never understood the adage “Not having a companion doesn’t stop the process of living” but I do now. With two happy and successful trips with JUGNI I have realized that there are no foreign lands - It is the traveler only who is foreignMy camaraderie with the two strong JUGNI pillars Nitesh and Rohit doesn’t go too long but it seems like a lifetime. I approached JUGNI just like any other girl with a random travel plan in mind and can’t believe it got executed so beautifully - you too have truly been my Co-Pilot, Co-Conspirator, and CollaboratorI must say that with you two I practiced the Art of Travel – from the time I saw someone waiting for me at the airport with a placard saying “JUGNI” to the time I reached back the airport after 11 days I loved every bit of my tripTo the random jokes I cracked with you Nitesh – to the cheese momos – to the chicken lolly pop which was not so lolly pop – to you getting bugged with my SO much shopping – to the trek to the morning walk location – to the almost 500 stairs we climbed (yeah they seemed so) – to the bike rides in the mountains – to the Babloo jokes which started and ended my day – to the Khan Chacha Adda – to the future JUGNI trip plans – to the forest trek which scared the shit out of you J - to the snow sudden flurries - to the stroll at MG Marg – to the songs we sung – to the monasteries we visited – to the amazing friends I made there - and not to forget the Nepali language we learnt and practiced – I have had the greatest experience of my life so farJugni represents me and I represent Jugni – in all absolute sense. Thank you for such a wonderful experience J I will take this to my grave!
  • Kavya
    She can laugh on anything!
    Spiti trip
    5 years ago
    I have so much to write about Jugni and our Spiti trip. If you love travelling to beautiful destinations, your interest lies in knowing the place and culture thoroughly, you want to have a well-organized trip without any hiccups, you want to experience how it feels when you travel with strangers and learn a lot about life and most importantly, you want a happy trip, then trust Jugni. The Jugni team will leave no stone unturned to make it the trip of your lifetime. For me it is one of the best trips ever and I would now happily recommend Jugni to every friend who wants to make her travel dreams come true. If I have to tell what the USP of Jugni is, I would say the two gentleman and their understanding with each other and with the fellow jugnis. They take care of us, they motivate us during rough treks, make us laugh whenever possible, help us bond well with people around and make us feel very very comfortable throughout the journey. It is not at all a money making thing for them, it is their passion, which they share with fellow jugnis with love and try hard to make it a pleasurable experience. Rohit is a very calm and composed guy who will always look after your needs. Such a wonderful and caring person he is :-). And the jaan of Jugni is Nitesh, a very cute person, who will not at all spare you with his funny talks and will make the journey even more beautiful. He and his jokes :-) . OMG!! Ah!! I am still in the travel hangover. I am glad I came to know about Jugni and had an amazing trip to Spiti. Wish you two a beautiful future ahead full of achievements and success.
  • Khushboo
    Asian Paints
    5 years ago
    Jugni – When you fly without wings! Bir-Biling was my first trip with Jugni, after a lot of planning + deferring it multiple times + numerous discussions with mom + last minute decision making (+ praying to god that I will be back alive). As much as I wanted to appear prepared & responsible, it started the bollywood way with me being 45 mins late. I miscalculated the time to reach Kashmere ISBT & metro was just extremely slow that day (it seemed at least). A part of me thought I won’t be able to make it & felt very very stupid, the other baniya part of me started calculating the money these guys will refund if I don’t make it :D. I kept jugnoos updated of the status & diligently apologized every time I called, but they were absolute sweethearts. Frankly I was bowled with the patience & the service gesture (minus few grins I got from both of them). So post the shaky start I was so happy & excited to meet rest of the gals, there were 10 @ ISBT & 2 more to join later. BTW, this was my first solo trip ever ( oh yes finally happened!), which explains the animated (over) description. Initially I guess we all were a lil quiet ( I know sounds unreal with a dozen gals), but it dint take much time for us to break the ice & then the chatter just wouldn’t stop. I am not sharing the specifics of the itinerary or where we stayed & what we did. What I wanna share with all potential & existing jugnis is that this was a very special & unique trip for me. It was not about fancy hotel rooms, fluffy towels, relaxing spas, fine-dining resto, this involved not taking bath for 2 days (apparently jugnis don’t bathe!), exertion during the trek, sleeping in a bag & peeing in an ass-chilling enclosure ( called the washroom tent). This trip was about gazing at the stars, talking to locals, not being on mails/whatsapp, having yumm chicken curry in torch light, appreciating the localites for what they do, feeling relaxed in spite of being dead tired, & more over it was just about being with yourself. About the trek, 2 important realizations – 1. I am not as fit as I thought I was 2. Rohit lies when he says only couple of minutes more! About paragliding, my first time & I felt like a bird ( a lil overweight, scared & tensed bird initially), but vei memorable & enjoyable! And for a 26 year old corporate 9*9 kind of a person – c’mon its adventure! Bir-Biling is extremely scenic, picturesque landscape & not too commercialized – PURE BLISS. Jugnoos did their homework well & everything was very smooth & seamless. They also showed us the cult side with visit to Buddhist monastery – another one of a kind experience. I am extremely impressed with the place, jugnoos, other fun & friendly jugnis & myself (well I did take the plunge& flew without wings – literally) Have to admit this trip happened after a lot of apprehension & deliberation ( I carried pepper spray) , but these guys ensured all of us enjoyed & had one hell of a trip! All the best jugnoos for whatever you set out for, loads of love & tons of wishes <3 Hope to have many more trips! - A vei happy Jugni (Khushboo)
  • Misha
    5 years ago
    Two sisters who wanted to fly like birds got wings when they met ?#?Jugni? (Rohit Khattar & Nitesh Chauhan). After chasing our parents for one month and requesting them to allow us to go with Jugni, they finally gave us permission to go for this amazing trip to Bir-Biling. We showed the itinerary to our parents and after thoroughly reading it, they both were 30% satisfied. Our parents came to see us off and meet the two guys who were organizing the trip. They scanned both the guys from head to toe, observed & pondered for at least 15 minutes at the meeting point. Then Rohit said "Uncle tension nai lijiye sab safe hoga. Humari responsibility hai kuch nai hoga". Now the satisfaction level of Taneja's parents reached 35%. We sat on the bus feeling jittery about the journey, but it went fine. We reached Bir where cars were already parked for taking us to our guest house which was a 4-room accommodation with clean rooms & proper washrooms. Now Taneja sisters are 50% satisfaction. After freshening up, we went for our breakfast to a fancy garden restaurant that served delicious cheese & masala omelets, although their services was pretty slow, for only two persons were preparing breakfast for a group of 15. And it's absolutely fine, laid-back travelers like us wont mind such delays. Now the trek begins with 13 great ladies and these two hardworking founders. One of the guys (Nitesh) remained ahead of the group and the other (Rohit) walked at the end with the weaker lot (that included us). Rohit is a jack of all trades. From multi-tasking and managing the travel for women of every age, he goes the extra mile to ensure a really really great travel that remains etched in your mind & particularly in your heart. While trekking, he was there to buck you up, hold your bags, jackets, cell-phones, water bottles- you name it. He encourages you at every step and sits with you at your every break. His extreme patience makes you feel guilty & forces you to stand up again. He calmly listens to your silly chatter, gives an irritated look and does laugh together like your friend. I can't resist sharing the incidence when he specially walked back in the mountains just to get some food for a girl in our group. She was extremely exhausted and didn't seem fine. Our trek was about to finish and he could have pacified here by saying the same to her. But he ran all the way downwards to find food for her. Think about Nitesh and a smile will come to your face! A highly talented stand-up comedian and a responsible founder was always there to make us laugh, assist us to washroom & pamper every single lady in the group. While trekking, he specially carried an extra bag for holding the stuff of the tired girls and extra water bottles for our journey. After ten minutes of catching our bus to Delhi, a girl realized that she forgot her phone at a petrol pump where we waited for the bus. Nitesh rushed back with her and brought her phone. Rohit & Nitesh at #Jugni not only take care of the major services like transportation or accommodation, but they also assure the highest level of satisfaction, safety & joy an Indian women seek from travel. Not all travel organizers do this for their clients but Rohit & Nitesh exactly know their job and push the envelope for yours & your family's 100% satisfaction.
  • Nidhima
    5 years ago
    I am an avid traveler and I came to know about Jugni through an equally keen traveler friend of mine. A unique concept for women travelers like me, it is a true blessing. My experience with Jugni has been incredible. Not only is it a fun way to travel, it also keeps my parents at peace as they know I am safe. I would recommend this to every woman who loves to travel and wants to explore India and beyond. Jugni’s management is very helpful and understanding. They also had tremendous knowledge about the rich culture and history of Varanasi (Varanasi was my first trip with Jugni). They took me to the right places to shop, eat and most importantly, explore the beauty and serenity within the chaos of Banaras. I can’t wait to plan my next trip with them.
  • Deepshikha
    5 years ago
    Sometimes in life u are in a state of complete burnout both ur professional and personal life seem to be falling apart and u r at a stage of breaking down.. Well I was almost at the edge.. Then is when 'Jugni' happened.. And it was not just a trip with some random service providers.. It was a life savior! In the breathtaking mountains, reverbating chanting of 'Om Mani Padme Hum', fluttering prayer flags in cool breeze, enchanting monasteries and company of Nitesh and Khattar who made me laugh everytime I thought I couldn't even smile.. In the midst of all this I rejuvenated myself.. Best of all, never had I dreamt that on my birthday I'd be playing with snow balls, my feet buried two feet in snow!.. It was a mesmerizing sight and my best bday gift ever.. Thanks again Rohit and Nitesh for planning that on my bday.. U people are darlings! Jugni has a long long way to go, everytime u plan a trip please reserve a spot for me.. Because now once a Jugni.. I am Jugni for life! <3 <3
  • Rashmi Pant
    Lancaster University
    Parvati Valley
    5 years ago
    Parvati Valley-Kheerganga Trek Travelling for leisure or adventure in India and by Indians elsewhere has been the pet preserve of Indian men or the proverbial Hindu undivided family. But the winds of change are steadily moving towards women with wanderlust! . Two young men have set out to be drivers of this change. Jugni the women-only budget travelling group is the brainchild of the dynamic duo of Rohit Khattar and Nitesh Chauhan. These two 20 something guys are a case study in how opposites attract. I was a frequent leisure traveler and sporadic trekker until some debilitating life events took their toll. Since my move to the NCR region a couple of months ago, I had been on the lookout for travel company among like minded individuals. Jugni was a word-of mouth recommendation from an acquaintance who had done some a couple of trips with them since the inception in January 2015. A little online research and the gut feeling of the vagabond inside me, made me sign up for their 5-7th September trek to ?#?Kheerganga?. Honestly, my intention was to test the waters and Jugni did not disappoint. We started out journey, a motley crew of seven, from Mandi house station on the night of 4th Sept. With a couple of stops for replenishment including the famed Sukhdev dhaba, we were at Kasol, Himanchal Pradesh fourteen hours later. Post- monsoons the 530 kms can be a choppy ride due to broken roads and infrastructure development work, but Jugni’s co-founder, Nitesh was our jester on demand. He happens to moonlight as a stand-up comic at several venues including our mini-bus that night. In the morning our eyes opened to the milky Parvati river flowing beside us. Huge chir pine trees provided shade through the meandering roads. A lavish breakfast, ablutions and change of clothes at the Moon Dance cafe in Kasol, had us refreshed for a further forty minute ride to Barshaini, the base of the Kheerganga trek. Over seasons of trekking, I have developed some simple rules: walk at your own pace, never compete with fellow trekkers, stay with your group no matter what, the journey is more important than the destination so always research your route in advance. But nothing had prepared me for what followed in the next six hours of our 13 km trek to the top. I must confess that In my eagerness to explore trekking companionship, I had forgotten to research my trek route. The kheerganga trek is not a difficult one and can take between 3 to 5 hours depending on your speed and daylight visibility. Several sweet water rivulets flow underneath thick roots and dense foliage. As we inched our way along the route, co-trekker Sheel plucked apples and made friends with village kids on the way. We glanced with envy as old and young women skipped through the heavily pebbled route with ease and we struggled to find a solid footing here and there. The air was quite festive as we met local folk on their way back after making offerings at the Shiva temple on the top. By evening we had covered a little more than half distance.We stopped frequently to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Deodar covered hills, floral delights and of course to take group and solo pictures on bridges and waterfalls. Night pounced on us almost suddenly as we entered the last leg of the trek which was a dense forest of deodar and pine trees. Five Jugnis lit the jungle that night, with their torches and brave spirit. Conversation had dropped down to a trickle as we all focussed on our step. Nitesh keot the air alive with his witty one liners although I suspect most of it was to suppress his fear of the dark! We used all our light sources including my kindle, that I had initially been advised not to carry. Our eyes and ears sometimes played tricks on us even as the moonlight played hide and seek through the trees and the sound of insects made their presence clear everywhere. On our way up we did come across a couple of brave souls who were doing the downward trek at that late hour. We reached the top at around 9:30 pm, exhausted, elated and famished. Night-stay was quickly arranged at Shiva Cafe, a simple log house with community sleeping arrangements. A warm fire welcomed us as we sat around and each took a swig of Old Monk to warm our parched throats and chilled bones. The rajma, chawal, sabji,roti and achaar set in front of us tasted divine. We let the hippy-like atmosphere sink in a bit and before we knew it, we were dreaming away to glory. When I look back on that mesmerising night-time trek, a first for all five jugnis, I feel that if there was one firefly that shined the brightest that night, it was Rohit Khattar. I have rarely come across a more sensible head on such young shoulders. Rohit is a veteran of some of the toughest trekking trails in India. He is the reason why your trekking or travelling experience with Jugni will turn out to be one of the most fruitful outdoor learning experiences of your life. This guy has a mountain of patience and skill and rightly calls himself an “outdoor educator”. His watchful gaze makes sure that you are taking your steps right. He has the kind cruelty of a surgeon when he rations the amount of water one is allowed to take during a trek. I owe him a huge thanks since he almost handheld me for 45 minutes during the night trek and Nitesh did the honours for the remaining 15-20 minutes to the top. Sonal rechristened him as “Shravan Kumar” for his chivalry! Like a military sergeant, Rohit woke us up at 6 the next morning. About a 100-200 meters further up, we came to the famous hot-springs. Locals have created hamam-like structures for community bathing. Dunking our tired legs in the hot water was pure nirvana! For the religiously inclined there is a shiva temple to visit nearby. A couple of hot aloo parathas with pickles and refreshing glasses of chai prepared us for our return trek to Barshaini. We started at 9 am and reached base at around 2-2:30 pm.As we boarded our ride to Kasol, we all looked back across the hills we had befriended in the past 24 hours, at the tumultus Parvati river and mentally congratulated ourselves. After this trip, I am a diehard Jugni now, yearning for my next sojourn to lands unknown, with trusted company.
  • Rashmi
    Lahaul - Spiti
    5 years ago
    I first read about Jugni on ScoopWhoop. I have visited India as an adult just once with my family, hence, I was skeptical about going for a trip alone with a bunch of strangers. I contacted Jugni and was connected to Nitesh Chauhan. I booked myself for Lahaul - Spiti 10 days trip a month in advance. Nitesh was always in touch to answer all my questions and assure me that my safety was guaranteed irrespective of what I had read and heard about women travelling in India. The day I landed in India, I contacted Nitesh after checking in my hotel. Sensing my apprehension, Nitesh arrived with a McDonald's meal and Blue Balloon . Following that meeting, I was introduced to Rohit Khattar and other girls in our group. Our journey was awesome and both boys and all girls ensured that I had my "mineral bottle of water" at all times. Bus and car hired were excellent. I had never imagined India the way I experienced in these 10 days. I will definitely cherish the memories of this trip and the caring nature of both boys for all their girls :)
  • Jassi
    5 years ago
    “Who wants to go to their grave without fulfilling their dreams?“ Not me at least! This Feb I got to live a part of my dream when I got in touch with my college friends Nitesh and Rohit, the "Jugnus" of JUGNI( that’s what I like to call them;) I had thought that in these 10 days that I travel with Jugni, I will meet new people, explore Sikkim and just have fun. But on the other hand, I just happened to explore my own self. What a life transforming experience it was! When you are with Jugni, you are at home. Not once did I feel that I was on a trekking trip with strangers, I laughed my heart out, enjoyed without any inhibitions, made life-long friends and came out a newer person. If I had to define JUGNI in a line, this is how it would be: “Perfect Escape that you shouldn’t escape!!”
  • Geetika
    5 years ago
    I had a fantastic time with Jugni at Bir-Billing. I have never traveled with a group like this and never in my wildest dreams thought I would do and will have so much fun! I am generally quiet and hardly talk in front of strangers, but the two Jugnus (Nitesh and Rohit) made me feel soooo comfortable that I never for a moment thought that I was with a bunch of unknown people. Nitesh, in his own comical way, made sure everyone bonded well right from the boarding point. He cracked jokes, made the Jugnis feel really comfortable, bore their tantrums very sweetly and made sure they were having fun. Rohit (pahadon ka devta!) bucked up the girls during the trek, counting the number of girls every now and then. :) Hats off to these guys for being so caring, cool, responsible and empathic. Never for a moment did I see any frustration on the guys’ faces even when I made them walk one extra kilometer in the scorching heat to get my watch back from the room. Or even when in the middle of the trek, one of the Jugnis said that she wanted to go back. The Jugnus very patiently focused on our comfort, displaying an amazingly calm attitude. I am glad that I decided to let go of my inhibitions and travel with Jugni. I met some really nice people and made amazing friends. I am now looking forward to exploring many more places with Jugni! And another special thanks to the Jugnus for creating a platform like this for single women travelers. You are doing girls like me a great favor! :) *take a bow*
  • Jhumar
    Self Employed
    5 years ago
    Ibn Batuta truly said 'travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller'.. And since my return from an offbeat destination (which was never on my bucket list) KAZAKHSTAN, I haven’t stopped thinking & telling stories about our trip. This beautiful country welcomed us with warm smiles and their great hospitality! With Jugni Travel, I got to experience breathtaking landscapes, snow capped mountains, stunning blue water lake, rich russian culture and a lot more.. Altogether, it was one hell of pure enjoyment! Thank you Jugni Travel, aka Nitesh & Rohit for giving me several wonderful trip memories, which I will cherish life long. You guys simply rock !! You duo ensured quality tour itinerary, comfortable stay in the midst of Almaty combined with chilly night outs/ strolls, fun filled bus rides, relishing local cuisines, and a lot more. Days smoothly flew with city explorations along with non stop crazy laughs (which leaves you with watery eyes) and in making new friendships (the jugnis!!). Nitesh took the stage and loaded us with his non stop comic stories, whereas Rohit mostly stayed at the background as a silent observer and captured perfect shots in his DSLR. Our Jugnoos made sure of good comfort, care and complete safety of all Jugnis all the time! The best part with Jugni is they let you be who you are! No hush-bush, no cramped agenda and no rules.. With this, I all the more watched and enjoyed the journey unfold the way I wanted to experience. Thank you once again for executing such an amazing trip, giving new friends and making me a more confident person!! :) Hoping to explore more new destinations with you guys soon… Best Wishes & Warm Regards!
  • Anamika Yadav
    American Express
    Leh Ladakh
    5 years ago
    Time has flown since I have returned from Leh Ladakh (“Leah”) still reliving my trip through Photos, Facebooks and Videos. It was an absolutely wonderful and Unforgettable experience. All kudos to the Organiser “ Jugni”. It was my first trip with “Jugni” and it was incredible and memories will remain with me for the rest of my life. On the first day of our arrival in Leh, our trip itinerary,” Do and Don’ts “specially tabbed and organized with each day activity was waiting for us. I was impressed by the detailed and well planned itinerary keeping in mind the juganis( as they call Women Travelers ) are of different age group . Throughout the trip We never felt hurried or exhausted by the pace. The moment we arrived, we experienced what we expected with some little extra touches of – Hot water, soup and Tablet of “Dimox” and loads of rest as recommended to get acclimatize to high Altitude that made us feel much better…. Jugni, pulled together for us a fascinating and unforgettable trip. Although there were 13 members in our group of different age group( 20-60) , Jugni did an outstanding job of scheduling and rescheduling our destinations keeping in mind High Altitude, Freezing temperature, Long Distances And Snow fall. I was touched by their personal gesture when they ensured that we call our Parent/Family members at the time of Earthquake in Nepal as Mobile Connectivity is always a challenge in High Altitude. I enjoyed our night at the tent and Home stay at “Chacha ji’s home which was fun to explore, loved the experience of pitching the Tent and all the efforts of fixing the Torch in the Tent to get the Best Shot of Tent, Stars, Mountains and Jugnis at Midnight. Also visit to Thicksey Monastery in the Indus Valley and Lunch with the monks and Lamas was extremely wonderful. And Special mention of Nitesh who made travelling so easy and stress free with his Jokes of “ School block” that I didn’t get to know how many mountains or Kilometers I have covered. And at the same time Enthusiastic Rohit Khattar would leave no place without explaining the history/stories behind the Stupas , Gompas and Monasteries . Extremely impressed by his knowledge of Indus Valley Civilization and Tibetan History& Culture . Rohit took our vague ideas & fleshed out the most delightful adventure trek to Leh Palace and Himshey Palace and Magnetic Hill. From the planning stages to the conclusion of the trip they ensured no request was too small and all questions were answered thoroughly and trip itself ran like clockwork. It truly amazed me that they checked up on each one of us while travelling to high altitude- Chang-la and Khardungla ensuring each one of us drink water/herbal tea/ soup after every 30 minutes to keep mountain sickness at bay. Each day of my trip from concept to reality was handled with utmost attention, personal caring touch right down to the minutest detail. I am smitten; can't wait to plan another adventure with Jugni- Rohit and Nitesh. Thank you, thank you so much! Jugni and highly recommend this to all the women Traveler “JUGNIES”.
  • Arushi
    Maruti Suzuki
    5 years ago
    How do I describe the prefect vacation (Kazakhstan), a trip of a lifetime that exceeded all expectations? I must start by saying thank you to Nitesh & Rohit who took the effort to plan the trip. Every one of our days were personalized with every last detail taken care of, our tour guide and driver so knowledgeable about history and local customs, all with great personalities ,each excursion planned and executed to perfection. Rohit & Nitesh were determined to make each one us feel like the most important people in the world. As for our accommodations, the rooms were lovely and in the perfect location, with great staff that went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. Waiting for us upon our arrival was our local guide with our complete itinerary, all necessary vouchers, an extensive list of recommended places & restaurants, but everything was so perfect we didn't need to call her - yet she called us to check on our well-being – how wonderful! I can't say enough about how pleasant it was to with her and share the company of her during our trip. There were times we thought it couldn’t get any better and then we were surprised with extra experiences we didn’t expect or plan, but our travel specialist surely did, like wonderful lunches and dinners that included special dishes seemingly prepared just for us by chefs who highlighted local specialties and most superb vodka & wine & beer... It is impossible to choose the most enjoyable or memorable parts of our trip because every day was filled with wonderful experiences and surprises, something for all of us to enjoy, as well as many first time experiences that provided lasting impressions and memories. We shared tours of many awe inspiring and historical sights, numerous cultural experiences, enjoyed travelling around the small townsand great people we met, In short, I have never been taken care of so well - wherever we went, night and day, I found myself in a dream like state with an awe-struck grin plastered on my face. Simply put, these 2 boys sure planned and delivered the perfect vacation and I could not be more thankful for everything !The only thing I would change is to add more days to the trip because I didn’t want it to end Choosing JUGNI was the best decision I've made all year! Jugni Travel – Because your memories deserve it !!!!
  • Kalai Selvi
    Another Engineer!
    7 years ago
    My journey with Jugni started with me desperately trying to go to Leh-Ladakh because duh. But unfortunately all the packages happen to exceed my budget that time. Hence, I was looking for alternatives not wanting to waste my leaves. I stumbled upon Jugni's website and Spiti-Lahaul package caught my eye. I appreciate how they are transparent with their package price. Since I dont know Hindi, I prepared myself to spend most of my time alone for the entire trip with 2 books. Little did I know at that time, I would earn friends for life through this trip. I met Rohit Khattar and Nitesh Chauhan in Delhi with some of the travelers. They were already waiting for the rest of the gang and they were all cracking up jokes which I couldn't understand. That was Day 1. That awkwardness seems like ages ago. Everything after that is sheer fun and exhilaration for me. Rohit is a responsible person, very adjusting (sometimes to the extent of waiting for 30-40 mins but please dont take advantage of it), a team player - always keeping in mind what is best for the group. Nitesh is a comedian by nature. He is one of the most genuine person I have ever met. You can talk to him about anything. Absolutely lovable. He made my entire trip a highlight. As an extrovert turned introvert, I'd like to travel alone mostly. But together with this dynamic duo, I wouldn't mind travelling with groups anymore. I'll see you guys soon. Aram se :) "There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met - W.B. Yeats"