What to expect

Our ladies tour packages serve the party animal as well as the quiet nature lover. The itineraries for women-only trips are designed in such a way that even though you’re in a ladies group tour, no one is forced to do anything they aren’t interested in. And if there’s something you would like to add to our special tour package for ladies, hit us up and we just might make special amends for that particular women-only trip.

Our meticulously crafted ladies-only tour packages will make you feel at home, and you’ll wonder when your comfort level shot up to 100 while traveling in an all-ladies group tour. Further, the sensible upper cap on our ladies group tours gives you a chance to truly optimize your women-only trip. Our comfortable ladies tour packages always have room to adjust individual plans.

As bonus, we will make you laugh till your face hurts, ensure good food options (vegetarians, take note), and always keep curating unconventional ladies tour packages (Kyrgyztan anyone?). Let’s just say that Jugni is more of a special ladies-only travel experience than an organization. Do not think of us as guides on your women-only trips; we are more like co-travelers who are happy to be a part of your ladies group tours.

Ladies (or “Jugnis” as we like to call them) are always welcome to join our exclusive group tours and experience exciting tour packages, be it the mud caves of Vietnam or trekking across Spiti Valley. To really encapsulate the essence of what happens on a typical Jugni women-only trip, explore our wide range of ladies special tour packages and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions regarding our ladies group tours.

On a women-only trip, you will definitely end up collecting more memories than you expected to and rest assured, safety and enjoyment in tour packages for ladies is our utmost priority.

Upcoming Trips
    • Phuket & Krabi
    • Pristine beaches
    • Lush green forests
    • Super yum thai food
    • Learn more about the south east asian culture
    • Get ready for the party you have been waiting for
    • Meet new stranger friends
    • Fill your Instagram feed with amazing beach photographs
    • Time to tick Thailand off your list
    6 days trip | 17th Sep - 22nd Sep
    Phuket & Krabi
    ` 74,999
    3 Seats left
    • Weekend Trip
    • Hatu Peak
    • Apple Trees
    • Serene Location
    • Beautiful Mountain Views
    • Few British Era Buildings
    • Cottage Like Home
    • A super Cute Dog
    3 days trip | 12th Aug - 14th Aug
    Kotgarh - Weekend Getaway
    ` 16,400
    1 Seats left
    • Colonial cottage in Shillong
    • Trekkers cottage from where you see Bangladesh
    • A nice little hike for calf muscles
    • A day at the cleanest village in Asia (Mawlynnong)
    • Dawki river
    • Super cute kids
    • Super yum food
    6 days trip | 12th Nov - 17th Nov
    Meghalaya 'Cherry Blossom Festival'
    ` 42,500
    3 Seats left
    • All women's trip
    • Beautiful house boat experience at Dal lake
    • Unexplored Gurez valley
    • Razdon top
    • Habba Khatoon peak
    • Sonmarg
    • Yummy kashmiri wazwan
    • Beautiful people of Kashmir
    7 days trip | 25th Aug - 31st Aug
    Sadda Kashmir
    ` 48,800
    1 Seats left
    • A weekend getaway
    • Cherry plucking season
    • Super cute Himachali family
    • Perfect time to visit the place
    • A walk in the lush green forests
    • Villages with few houses
    • Warm people of Himachal
    • Apple Orchids
    • Are you ready to meet your new bunch of friends?
    3 days trip | 23rd Sep - 25th Sep
    Gahan Weekend Trip
    ` 15,500
    4 Seats left
    • PangongTso
    • Turtuk Village
    • KhardungLa Pass
    • Nubra Valley
    • Changa La pass
    • Hiking and local shopping
    • Camping and Bonfire
    • Yummmm ladakhi food
    8 days trip | 17th Sep - 24th Sep
    Nomadic Ladakh Adventure
    ` 57,800
    1 Seats left
    • Hanoi City
    • kayaking, zip lining, caving and biking
    • Halong bay cruise
    • Mud bath experience
    • Bana Hill
    • Dong Hoi Paradise Cave
    8 days trip | 18th Sep - 25th Sep
    Wonderful Vietnam
    ` 74,999
    3 Seats left